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02 February 2018

Go Green for Cool Earth

Happy Birthday Cool Earth! We were delighted to celebrate Cool Earth's 10th anniversary this week and in good company too!

The charity, which aims to halt the destruction of the rainforest by helping the locals who depend on it, held a star-studded birthday bash at swanky London restaurant Sushisamba.

Cool Earth ambassadors Leah Wood and Daisy Lowe joined patron Vivienne Westwood to help celebrate.

To find out more about Cool Earth and show your support visit www.coolearth.org

YOU Interview: "The Sofas Look Better With Dogs On Them"

If you are thinking about adding a furry friend to your family you must read this interview with Nikki Tibbles from Wild at Heart Foundation.

Nikki and her team are doing everything they can to rescue and re-home street dogs around the world.

It's a joy to work with team and we are thrilled with this YOU magazine feature.


08 December 2017

The Rurbanist

The lovely Leah Wood in January's Country & Town House magazine talking about her life and new role as ambassador for Cool Earth.

Kelly Hoppen MBE joins fellow activist Dame Vivienne Westwood to become Cool Earth ambassador


Interior designer and entrepreneur Kelly Hoppen MBE has joined fellow visionary Dame Vivienne Westwood in her bid to halt rainforest destruction and climate change, as an ambassador for the charity Cool Earth.

Kelly Hoppen is a powerful force. With 41 years in the design industry, Kelly is one of the most celebrated and sought after interior designers in the world. A businesswoman and innovator, Kelly has invested in several small businesses, and dedicates much time to the championing and nurturing of entrepreneurs and craftsmen, making her the perfect ambassador for Cool Earth.


17 October 2017

Karen Clifton & Wild at Heart Foundation on ITV's Lorraine

Betty... from a public pound in Bosnia to Lorraine's sofa with the gorgeous Karen Clifton and Nikki Tibbles from Wild at Heart Foundation.

Karen was interviewed live on ITV's Lorraine this morning about the importance of rescuing and adopting street dogs and the plight of dogs in Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria.

Karen adopted Betty from Bosnia. She is the most loving, gentle dog and it was an absolute pleasure to meet them both!

For more information about adopting dogs visit wildatheartfoundation.org

11 October 2017

Cool Earth Auction for Dinner with Dame Vivienne Westwood

Want to dine with Vivienne Westwood at Sushisamba on Tuesday 7th November?

This exclusive dinner will be curated by Cool Earth Ambassador and Sushisamba Executive Chef Claudio Cardoso, featuring dishes created using ingredients sourced from the rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon.

On the night, the lucky bidder and friend will enjoy the company of Vivienne and up to 24 highly influential guests, she has personally invited for a private dinner. This is a unique opportunity!

And the best bit…? All the proceeds from the auction go to Cool Earth.

You can bid HERE   


10 October 2017

Calling all Dog Lovers!

Puerto Rico has been hit hard with Hurricane Irma, and now Hurricane Maria. The island of 3.4 million people is without electricity, water, fuel and looters have taken over. 

Wild at Heart Foundation has arrived in Puerto Rico to help the hundreds of abandoned street dogs caught in the storm. These dogs are terrified and in desperate need of veterinary attention, food and water. 

Puerto Rico has an increasing number of stray dogs, or “satos” as the locals call them, roaming the island. It's a culmination of the economic crisis, lack of spaying and neutering dogs, and an absence of government help. The fact of a category 4 hurricane, the first of its kind to hit the island in 85 years does not help this already existing problem.

The Wild at Heart Foundation desperately needs YOU at this difficult time. Please visit www.wildatheartfoundation.org to see how you can donate! 

Get Ready For The Body Revolution

Get Ready for the Body Revolution in Fabulous Magazine with expert comments from self-love expert Mel Wells.

With nearly half of us feeling depressed about our weight and one in five insisting on lights-off sex, the Fabulous Magazine survey reveals we're in the grip of a body confidence crisis. 

Good job Mel is here to help us fall back in love with our bodies. It's a great feature with five remarkable, brave and beautiful women who aren't afraid to reveal all... 

Veggie Magazine

The beauty laws that Julie Montagu lives by including Ayurveda skincare in Veggie magazine.

Your Fitness

Always putting others first? It's time you added some self-care into your daily routine. Take a look at Julie Montagu's expert tips in November's Your Fitness magazine.

New Mapperton Wedding Venue

The Coach House at Mapperton is poised to provide couples with a magical wedding venue in Dorset. The new all purpose wedding venue will launch in May 2018. Here are a few visuals. Watch this space! 


19 September 2017

One Night Only - The Wild at Heart Foundation Art Exhibition

Congratulations to the Wild at Heart Foundation for putting on such a great fundraising event on Saturday night. Over 60 artists donated wonderful pieces of art and almost £30,000 was raised -  a fantastic achievement.

We are especially proud of Anne Bryce who donated one of her dog portraits for the event. We loved seeing it on the walls of the Josh Lilley Gallery and were thrilled to see the red sold sticker!

The Wild at Heart Foundation does incredible work to rescue and re-home thousands of street dogs around the world. Please check them out and support in any way you can!

14 September 2017

Country Homes & Interiors

Julie Montagu's 'Favourite View' - Mapperton gardens of course! Here is her interview in Country Homes & Interiors magazine.

Balance Magazine

Huge shout out to Balance magazine for featuring Fitty London's September box in the Manual.

Fitty Ldn is the Glossybox of the health and fitness world. Each month subscribers get a fab box filled with goodies from protein bars to the latest superfoods, resistance bands and muscle rub.

The box make a sweet gift (to loved ones or yourself) and is a great way to get you feeling motivated and ready to hit the gym!

Working with Cool Earth

The past few months we have been working with the incredible charity Cool Earth.

Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction.

Half of the world’s rainforest has been destroyed in the last 40 years.  And, contrary to the headlines, rainforest continues to be lost at a faster rate than ever.

However, it's not too late. Cool Earth believes the rainforest can be saved. We just need a new approach. That's why their mission is to put indigenous people back in control of their forest. 

Local people stand to lose the most from deforestation but the most to gain from its protection. As such, they are the forest’s best possible custodians. That’s why all Cool Earth partnerships are community-owned and led – an approach that research is continually proving to be the most effective way to keep rainforest standing.

By developing local livelihoods, they hope to end the cycle of deforestation entrenching villages into further poverty. Creating strong, self-determining communities – not dependency.

They are also the only charity that works solely where the threat to the forest is greatest, on the frontline of deforestation. And each of their partnerships forms a shield to make the neighbouring forest inaccessible to loggers – saving millions of acres of further forest.

With your support, Cool Earth can put in place the simple steps that change the fate of at-risk rainforest and the lives of our indigenous partners. 

Take a look at their website to find out how you can help. 

Working with Goddess Mel Wells

Beautiful new client alert!! We are now working public speaker, eating psychology coach, self-love expert and author Mel Wells.

Mel is a best selling Hay House author thanks to her first book The Goddess Revolution. Her aim is to help women make peace with food, quit dieting for good and love their bodies!

Her second book Hungry for More is out next summer. We will be helping Mel to spread her wonderful self-love messages and launch book number two.

Exciting times ahead!

The Sunday Times Style

Eco yoga brand PAMA London featured in The Sunday Times Style 'How to get fit now' article.

It's not enough just to look great working out any more; now you have to be helping the planet, too. And that's exactly what PAMA London does as their yoga collection is made from recycled charcoal bamboo!

Sustainable and earth friendly fashion is so important. Check them out...! 

19 October 2016

Bars with Benefits

Including MAZA in Women's Health magazine.

MAZA tastes like no other chocolate on the market as it contains palmyra nectar (an ancient Ayurvedic ingredient) used instead of sugar.

It’s particularly high in Vitamin B12 – the mood boosting vitamin and has a glycaemic index of only 40 so compared to that of sugar, at 100, it is significantly less disruptive to blood sugar levels. 

MAZA is hand made, luxurious and intense! It’s the kind of chocolate you want to sit down and really enjoy with no distractions…!

Available in three flavours - dark, almond and coconut.

Feeling hungry?

100% Natural Foods is included in About Time Magazine's Top 15 vegan snacks.

What: Mother and daughter team Charlotte and Jess founded 100% Natural in 2011. Inspired by a passion for healthy living, the company produces organic, raw chocolate brownies. 100% Natural started by selling just 20 brownies a week in their favourite shop made by hand with one cookie cutter, now the brownies are now made in a specialist factory in the Cotswolds which only uses renewable energy.

The Lowdown: The brownies are available in four flavours using simple organic ingredients. Each flavour has its own special twist and includes: Organic Raw Chocolate Brownie with Raw Cacao, Organic Raw Chocolate Brownie with Himilayan Rose Salt, Organic Raw Chocolate Brownie with Goji and Acai Berry, and Organic Raw Chocolate Brownie with Coconut and Chia. All brownies are raw, paleo, dairy, gluten, refine sugar-free, and damn good.

Stockists: Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Sourced Market

Raw Turmeric Coconut Bowl

A gorgeous raw bowl with immunity boosting ingredients by Julie Montagu on The Chalkboard!

Take a look online to see the full recipe.

Recipe taken from Julie's cookbook Superfoods Superfast. 

Ready to change your life?

We are so excited to announce that Julie Montagu now has a regular column on Grazia online!

This month she is talking about change.

Follow her step by step guides each week and feel ready to embrace life's changes (both big and small) with Julie's helpful tips.

06 July 2016

YOGA magazine

The amazing Julie Montagu is on the front cover of this month’s YOGA magazine and has an 11 page feature inside! 

Julie talks us through Malasana (Squat pose), Ardha Chan-drasana (Half Moon pose) and Svarga Dvidasana (Birds of Paradise variation), before a quick and easy yoga energising sequence.

We love working with Julie and taking the photos for this shoot in Santorini was a dream! 

05 July 2016

Mind Body Green

Three easy yoga poses to balance out of whack hormones by Julie Montagu featured on Mind Body Green. 

Click here to read the full article. 


Take a look at Inner Me’s Superfood Vegan Protein powder in Women’s Fitness magazine. Are you powered by plants? 

The protein mix tastes delicious added to a post exercise smoothie or shake. 


Are fermented foods the future? Nikki Cooper from Inner Me spoke to new! Magazine about pre and probiotics and why we should implement them into our diet for a healthy gut. 

How to Cultivate a Meditation Practice and Stick to It!

We’re constantly hearing about the positive effects of meditation, but where exactly do you begin? If you think you could benefit from a bit of daily mindfulness, Lucy Sherwood from Rock & Raw Jewellery and Raw Soul Meditations is here to explain how to work meditation into your life and ensure you stick to it…

Take a look at Sheerluxe for some top tips.

The Retreat Collection Speaks to Helen Pockett

Helen Pockett caught up with the lovely Natasha Moutran from The Retreat Collection to talk about yoga practices, travelling, escape, health, happiness and more…

Read the full interview here: www.helenpockett.com

Are you looking for a healthy subscription box?

Check out Superfoodio as recommended by Thrive Magazine to keep you going passed the dreaded 3pm slump.

Superfoodio was born out of a passion for good, wholesome food. Their easy to order boxes are delivered straight to your door, and contain a surprise selection of the finest, energy boosting, superfood snacks and drinks, as well as a ‘feature’ meal ingredient.
The boxes are prepared once a month, each time with a different variety of foods allowing you to discover a new mix of superfoods every time you order. 

03 June 2016

Your Fitness Magazine

Healthy snacking made easy and extremely tasty with Superfoodio.

Save yourself when the hunger pangs strike and enjoy a selection of nutritious goodies from our favourite subscription box company!

Happy snacking....


Our golden favourite TURMERIC slogan sweat by Sea Soul & Snow in the June issue of Sainsbury's magazine.

06 May 2016

Get into yoga

It always feels so great to see your client in a magazine, but when you get three in the same feature it's pretty special!

This month's Soul & Spirit magazine features The Retreat Collection, Salema Veliu and Sea Soul & Snow.

There's never been a better time to get your yoga on!

Talk Sport

Everyone needs organic energy in their life.

Slogan T by Sea Soul & Snow in June's Cosmopolitan!

Plant Power

Thinking of going vegan? Your foodie questions answered in this month's Your Fitness by leading yoga teacher and nutrition expert Julie Montagu.

21 April 2016

Women's Health

Tess Ward's Guide To The Best Coffee Alternatives To Kick Start Your Morning on Women's Health.

We all know the health benefits of coffee but if you're trying to cut back on the caffeine it can be tough to think about getting through the morning without that extra boost.

That's where chef and health foodie Tess Ward comes in.

If you're missing the creamy thickness of the lattes you swapped for bone broth, then these coffee-free options are just the thing to fill the void.

Tess's Tip: Frothing milks takes a bit of skill. However, they can be made simpler by opting for a thicker milk. As with all lattes, an electric milk frother is the secret weapon!

Also it's best to begin whisking the milk in the pan from about room temperature to ensure that you get a good volume.


I associate chai with my time spent in India, where it is made and drunk all across the country. I would often frequent the tiny tea stalls on roadsides, or buy a 5-rupee cup from a chai wallah on train journeys.

The spices in the tea makes them delicious but they also contain a lot medicinal benefits.

This spice mix quantity is a lot more than you need for this recipe, but it’s worth making as it stores well in a dry place in an airtight jar, out of direct sunlight.

The milk you use is completely up you. I opt for oat or almond milk.

(Serves 1)


50g cardamom seeds
160g black peppercorns
125g ground ginger
50g ground cinnamon
5g ground cloves
5g ground nutmeg
250ml milk (of choice)
1–2 teaspoons honey or maple syrup 1 chai tea bag


1. Grind the cardamom seeds and peppercorns together using a pestle and mortar, then mix all the spices together.

2. Put the milk, honey or maple syrup, tea bag and 1/6–1⁄4 teaspoon chai masala mix, according to taste, into a saucepan.

Place over a medium heat and, before it comes to a boil, remove from the heat and stir well. Leave to steep for 5 minutes, then remove the tea bag and heat again, until hot but not boiling.


This warming drink is one of my favourite cold- busting drinks. Although referring to it as a latte is a tad misleading as it is actually caffeine-free (which makes it a great evening tipple).

To increase its medicinal benefits, feel free to swap the ground ginger for a teaspoon of freshly extracted ginger juice. The milk you use is completely up you. I opt for oat or almond milk.

(Serves 1)


1 teaspoon ground turmeric
1⁄2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/6 teaspoon ground ginger
250ml milk (of choice)
1⁄2 teaspoon honey, or to taste


1. Lightly toast the spices in a dry frying pan for a couple of minutes, or until they start to smell fragrant.

2. Remove from the heat and slowly add the milk, taking care of spluttering. Froth using an electric milk frother until bubbles form, then pour into a cup and enjoy.


Matcha is a powdered green tea from Japan, made from high-grade, antioxidant-rich leaves. It makes for a wonderful latte alternative, giving a slow release of energy and providing the body with a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The milk you use is completely up you. I opt for oat or almond milk.


1 level teaspoon matcha green tea powder
250ml milk (of choice)
1 drop of vanilla stevia or 1⁄2 teaspoon maple syrup, or to taste


1. Put the matcha powder in a cup and gradually add 50ml of the milk, frothing using an electric milk frother, until dissolved. Warm the remaining milk in a saucepan, whisking as it heats up and becomes light and aerated, then add the dissolved matcha.

Continue frothing until hot, then sweeten to taste with vanilla stevia or maple syrup and enjoy hot, or cold over ice.

Recipes are shared from Tess Ward's book The Naked Diet

16 April 2016

Women's Fitness

We are so happy to see one of Sea Soul & Snow's KALE vests on the front cover of this month's Women's Fitness magazine.

Product placement at its best!